Have you been wondering about MOPS?  Maybe thinking about trying MOPS out? We understand!  You need more info!  Here are answers to some of our most frequently asked questions:

  1.  Is this just for moms with kids in preschool?    No!  MOPS is for any mom with a child from pregnancy through kindergarten.  Being a mom to a young child is hard work!  Trust me, we know!  But you don’t have to be alone.
  2. MOPS meets at a church…what if I don’t go to that church?   No problem!  You don’t have to attend Sault Wesleyan, or any church for that matter, to attend MOPS.  We want you to feel comfortable coming to MOPS, regardless of where you are on your spiritual journey.   With that being said, MOPS is a Christian organization and we don’t shy away from talking about God.  It’s a safe place to ask questions and seek truth.  You can check out more of our statement of faith here:
  3. Is there childcare?  YES!  One awesome aspect of MOPS is that we provide quality childcare for kids from 0-5 during MOPS.   Look, we all love our kids, but a little break from them now and then makes us want to be with them even more.  The childcare area of MOPS is called MOPS KIDS.  We have five different classes for your children:  a nursery (non-walkers, babies), a toddler class (walkers to 2), a 2 yr old class, 3 yr old class, and a 4/5 yr old class.    All of our helpers have had background checks and screenings.   Infants and nursing babies are welcome to stay with mom during the MOPS meeting.
  4. Does MOPS cost money to attend?   Yes, it does.  Because we have to pay for some of our childcare workers, we charge a small amount per meeting.   The first meeting you come to is always free.  After that, it is $5 per meeting.  We also register you with MOPS, International.  This costs $30.  With your registration, you get connected with a community of moms around the world, get a fun packet of goodies in the mail, a magazine, and this money is used to start MOPS groups around the world.    You can choose to pay $100 by October 9th (gets you two free meetings), or pay the $30 registration by October 9th and $5 for each meeting you come to.   We never want the cost of MOPS to prevent any mom from attending, so if that is an issue, please talk to Jill and we’ll get you covered.
  5. But what if I don’t know anyone?  It’s scary to go alone!  We totally understand that and we’ve all been there, too!  Please come!  You can start by connecting with us through facebook, if that is less scary.  We want every mom who comes to feel welcomed and encouraged, so we think you’ll be glad you came and might even make some new friends!   Here’s our facebook page…send us a message!


We’ll add more questions as they come, but we hope these answers help clear up some questions you may have.  Please contact us…we truly believe we are better moms together.  Come for the friendship, the childcare, the food, or the coffee.  Whatever the reason, we can’t wait to meet you!